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General Information

Available on:PlayStation VROct 31, 2017


Genres: Simulation, Sports

Fishing Master uses VR technology to give players the most impressive and immersive experience possible. You'll feel like you're actually fishing in the Alps, in the Arctic, in the San Francisco Bay and so many other awesome locations Pick your favorite fishing rod and use consummate skills to collect fish from all over the world. After you catch them, you can continue to enjoy them as they swim around in your personal aquarium. Getting a fish on your hook is only the first step you'll take to bringing it into your boat. The more powerful the fish, the more you need to work to tire it out so you can reel it in. Reel him in too slowly and it'll take forever for you to get him into your net. Work him too hard, and you may snap your line or break your rod. Will you be the victor?

Fishing Master Critic Reviews

Though riddled with localization oddities and misspellings, Fishing Master is a $20 relaxing day at the lake. If you focus on just pulling photorealistic fish into your boat and ignore the grind-heavy nature of the RPG-lite upgrade mechanics, there's a shiny lure here. I'm not sure what to do with this other hand...

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If you are not sold on how awesome fishing in Virtual Reality is, then check out the Playstation store for the DEMO version first before you buy it. In the end however, I would say for a relaxing fishing trip without having to do it for real….Fishing Master VR is a must have for a fun , relaxing experience.

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Fishing Master on PlayStation VR is well worth the try if you like a good angling competition. It's light-hearted and fun, and it will immerse you into a world of the sport and transport you to places you wouldn't normally be able to visit – which is the whole point of a VR experience, right

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Fishing Master does what it strives to do. Adding a fishing experience in VR in your own home when you want to be able to do it with an arcade tone to it. The visuals are good and is not striving to have photo-realistic scenes to it and it doesn’t need to and doesn’t have to show how fun it can be. Sound wise, it’s what I expect. Hearing the water to hearing the fish jump out of the water, it’s here. The music can seem repetitive to some but does get more intense when you start having to struggle to try and catch the fish. And trying to fish at night while fireworks are going off or fishing by the Northern Lights is something that really needs to be experienced.

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