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Heroes Of The Monkey Tavern

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 7, 2017
PCSep 22, 2016
PlayStation 4Mar 28, 2017
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: Monkey Stories

Genres: Action, RPG

After countless days and nights celebrating within the infamous Monkey Tavern, our team of adventurers have spent every last penny. Their fates, however, are about to change... Like a gift from the gods, in walks a mysterious stranger who points them towards a high tower full of invaluable treasures. It doesn't take much more to rouse their thirst for adventure. You will enjoy exploring a dungeon full of riddles, dangerous enemies and vicious traps. And if luck favours...you will discover secret passages sheltering legendary weapons and armour. Dungeon exploration in grid-base movement Eight classes Three difficulty levels Two hours of intense music Static real-time fights 22 different enemies, including six bosses Numerous traps and secrets More than 100 unique items

Heroes Of The Monkey Tavern Critic Reviews

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Heroes of Monkey Tavern will certainly scratch your dungeon-crawling itch, especially if you're a fan of the seminal Dungeon Master, the game's biggest inspiration.

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8 / 10

The sound effects can be quite eerie such as footsteps that sound authentic, strange and weird noises that make you turn around and find an enemy standing behind you ready to jump your party. The music is very good and does a great job of complementing the action and the exploration. Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a fun game that can feel a bit frustrating to those new to the genre, but if you give it a bit of time and take things slowly you'll find a very polished but hard dungeon crawler.

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Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a fun homage to old-school first-person dungeon crawlers, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a game released for said genre in the 21st century. There's more than enough content to enjoy in this one, so you should check it out on Nintendo Switch if you're a fan of the genre.

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It’s tough to tell whether it’s the genre itself, or the execution of this particular game, but it feels like something you’d have been playing on a primitive computer of some ten to fifteen years ago. Each passing floor of the tower looks the same, with only the new enemy models distracting from that monotony. It’s one for the genre enthusiasts, that’s for sure, but your average gamer isn’t going to take a lot from this. Apart from the nightmares caused by running away from monsters along those dim corridors, that is.

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