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General Information

Available on:PCOct 30, 2017

Developer: Sticky Studios

Genres: Puzzle, Turn-Based Strategy

Play the official game of the movie now! Earth needs your help! Can you escape disaster and prevent catastrophic climate breakdown? Stay one step ahead to stay alive in this deadly, turn-based puzzle game. A network of weather-controlling satellites meant to protect Earth has been sabotaged. Catastrophic weather events are destroying cities across the globe. Experience these disasters up close as you gather essential data to prevent a Geostorm while trying to escape the havoc in this immersive 3D puzzle game. FEATURES: Three different characters in three different locations around the world. Survive a tsunami, the deadly cold, and a lightning storm. Experience immersive audio and atmospheric stylized 3D graphics. Hours of challenging gameplay! Escape with all the essential data and save mankind! New location and character! Head to the ISS, experience the dangers of space and track down the sabotaged satellites.

Geostorm Reviews

Geostorm drags puzzles out for far too long. Diehard fans of the genre might get some enjoyment out of this one, but the rough mobile port job and repetitive nature will turn a lot of people off.

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Geostorm Official Game Trailer - Download today!

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