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Available on:PCJul 7, 2017

Developer: Egonaut Games

Publisher: GamePump

Genre: Action

The party game nobody asked for, but everybody needs. SOYF: S#!T ON YOUR FRIENDS is a local multiplayer competitive brawler for 2-4 players! Assume the role of adorable creatures and attempt to poop on your friends to find out who reigns aerial excrement superiority. Features: Classic, competitive and chaotic 4-player same-couch multiplayer like the good ol' days Easy to pick up and play, approachable control scheme so everyone can play Classic Game mode - Everyone has 3 hit points and competes for 3 rounds to crown the poop champ Dingle Mode - Get heavier each time you're S#!T on. Race toward the top, try not to fall off the bottom! Last S#!TTER standing wins! 1S#!TKill Mode - One shot, one kill mode. Don't play s#!tty or you'll die quick! Single Player Target Challenges - Tune up your crappy aim in this single player shooting gallery. Familiar Faces (Crossover Characters) - Guest appearances by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, Isaac from Binding of Isaac, Fish from Nuclear Throne and Puglie Pug! ∠(◉♔◉U 」∠)_ Soundtrack by Hyper Potions


Yes, having poo for a weapon is mildly amusing, but when there's not that much substance to the game, the joke wears thin quicker than it ought to. It'll be fun at a party after a few beers for an hour or two, but this isn't a contender for the next big esport.

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