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Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 24, 2018

Developer: Arcen Games, LLC

Genres: Action, RPG

AuGMENTED is Starward Rogue, but bigger, better, and coated with gold. Newly added Gold Floors mysteriously appear throughout your run. Inhabited by rare enemies, unique treasures await those who can overcome the challenges within. * A new gold floor with unique challenges and rewards * 4 new music tracks composed by Pablo Vega and The Overthinkers * 3 new mechs: The Zephyr, The Paladin, and the Warhog * 90+ new items * 30+ new enemies * 125+ new rooms * 8 new room obstacles such as the pulse trap and the flamethrower turret * 10+ challenge rooms (a new room type exclusive to the gold floors) * 6 new minibosses * 9 new bosses

Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED Reviews

It knows what it is, and sticks to its strengths

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Newbies and veterans to Starward Rogue alike are most certainly going to enjoy this brand new update, AuGMENTED. While the added content may well lead to many a sleepless night, which probably isn't a good thing, the enjoyability factor of Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED, random capitalisation and all, is well worth the sacrifice.

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Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED (Trailer) thumbnail

Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED (Trailer)

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Starward Rogue AuGMENTED - Paladin Mech

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Starward Rogue AuGMENTED - Miniboss Collideascope


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