Memento of Spring

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 9, 2018

Developer: Bright Onion Studios

Genre: Interactive Story

It's hard being the Princess of Calamity. A gifted sorceress, Juliane von Westerholz's royal duties include eating tasty snacks, lazing in bed and sometimes vaguely threatening her tutors and caretakers. Life takes a tumble, however, when her unlikely curiosity falls victim to a strange artifact, and she soon winds up somewhere unfamiliar. . . . Unfamiliar, and yet also a bit disappointing? "I don't recognise anything from around here, but at the same time, I have this overwhelming feeling that it's really bog standard in every way. Why is that?" So begins the tale of a magical prodigy, in an average land far, far away. Memento of Spring is an all-ages, comedy/slice-of-life visual novel with no player choices.

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Memento of Spring Reviews

Like the season itself, Memento of Spring is a gentle, breezy read.

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