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General Information

Available on:PCApr 3, 2014
Nintendo SwitchFeb 8, 2018

Developer: Forever Entertainment

A joyful, casual puzzle game that will tease both your wits and your memory! You've always dreamt of flying – soaring high in the clouds, free from all your worries, gliding through the air like a bird. Unfortunately, you were born as a millipede and your best chance of launching into the sky is probably in a crow's mouth...or is it? Rumour has it that the local Aviation School is accepting new recruits for a piloting course. Seeing an opportunity to make your dreams come true, you seize the moment and embark on the journey of your life. Your path is full of dangers, mazes, and obstacles, but the end goal is more than worth it! So rise to your feet – all 100 of them – and get going! Control a millipede as you roam through over 90 diverse levels. Solve the elaborate mazes that stand in your way. Gather and use a multitude of power-ups to help you in your endeavour. Enjoy three types of immersive minigames. Grow bigger and bigger, and remember: try not to eat your tail.

Millie Critic Reviews

There is some fun here for puzzle/maze runner fans to be found, but we must caution readers that this millipede might never take off.

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For all of Millie‘s faults, it is seriously a cute game. The hand drawn pictures are adorable. The concept is super sweet as well, down to the collecting of shoes on the levels for Millie’s growing body. I also really like how you can use the stars that you have earned on the levels to purchase power-up bundles in the game’s store. There’s no need for real money to buy anything in the game! With how cute Millie is, I really wanted to like this game. The concept is super neat and it had the potential to be a great game. However, with the lack of any clear instructions and the extremely difficult levels, I did not receive anything joyful from this game. The game left me frustrated, confused, and discouraged.

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