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Pizza Connection 3

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 22, 2018

Developers: Gentlymad, Assemble Entertainment

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Mamma mia... Long awaited by fans around the world, the new installment of the cult series "Pizza Connection" returns to the PC with even more flavour and extra cheese. Make 'em a pizza they can't refuse! In addition to the series’ tried and true basic ingredients, economic simulation Pizza Connection 3 offers a number of hot new toppings! Work your way through a challenging campaign to rise from a simple pizza baker in the streets of Rome to the owner of the world's most successful pizza chain! Use the famous Pizza Creator to design your own signature pizzas. Show your competitors the way to sell pizzas and create a unique taste experience for your customers each time they visit one of your restaurants. Whether you do so by means of target group oriented advertising and great pizzas in stylish restaurants or by dancing along the crust of legality through the occasional use of sabotage and violence is entirely up to you. It's time to once again enrich the world with tasty pizzas and redefine good taste. FEATURES: - No one's invented your favourite pizza yet? Vegan, straight vegetarian or meat with added meat? Create your own pizzas using the legendary Pizza Creator and over 75 different ingredients! - The 12 mission single player campaign lets you rise step-by-step from a simple pizza baker in Rome to the world's greatest pizza mogul. - From Sydney to Berlin to Washington DC: Conquer the world's greatest metropolises with your own pizza chain and discover their unique tastes! - Customize your restaurants the way you want: Floorplan, furniture, personnel, interior decorating. There is a little interior decorator in every pizza baker. - Use market analyses and sophisticated marketing strategies to reach your customers with targeted advertising. - Get rid of your competitors by using particularly spicy ingredients such as sabotage and bribery. - The free game mode offers an alternative to the campaign rich in its diversity. You yourself can determine a wide range of parameters such as startup capital, number of residents, competitors and much more, allowing you to create your own challenges. … Want pizza?

Pizza Connection 3 Critic Reviews

Pizza Connection 3 tries to do its best to emulate all the things that made PC2 a success. Unfortunately the potential was wasted - the game has some serious technical issues, the gameplay is mediocre, the fun is bland and the difficulty level is too high.

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Pizza Connection 3 has some good potential with its ideas and mechanics, but its noticeable balance problems, combined with its plethora of bugs and glitches, ends up masking what otherwise could have been a fun little tycoon game.

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"Pizza Connection 3" proves to be a nice economic simulation that skilfully takes up old roots. Despite small improvements, the game doesn't make full use of the given possibilities and lacks a lot of playful variety. We would have liked to see more innovations here, so that the title could also play with the big ones. Nevertheless, fans of the series will enjoy the game and can revive the good old days.

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