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General Information

Available on:PCMar 8, 2018

Developer: Pixel Wizards

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

Enter the world of Chessaria, the turn-based fantasy game that combines Chess battles and a story-based mission system! STORY After a thousand years of peace and prosperity, the elven city of Silveran is burnt to ashes by a dragon from the north. The bravest warriors will embark on an epic journey through the world of Chessaria to seek justice and unveil the truth behind the attack… FEATURES MISSION-BASED CHESS BATTLES- Adventure Mode: Fight & solve puzzles in the 100 levels of the solo campaign.- Quick Game: Enjoy Classic Chess and Chess variants in local multiplayer or again the A.I.- Battle with 3 playable armies (High Elves, Dark Elves and Orcs).- Lead six heroes against challenging Bosses that will test your tactical skills. NEXT GENERATION AI- Challenge a new gen A.I. (2700+ ELO) that enables missions like domination, infiltration, assassination. A FANTASY WORLD- Discover a story that will put in your hands the destiny of the fantasy world of Chessaria. BE ENCHANTED- Enjoy an emotional soundtrack created by British composer Ben Rawles. Chessaria introduces an innovative game genre: Chess-Adventure. Browse tactical levels & Chess puzzles that will confront strategy fans looking for a new challenge and delight heroic-fantasy enthusiasts! SHARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS Share your ideas to improve the game with us. We are great listeners!

Chessaria Critic Reviews

Expanding on the turn based nature of the Chess Board game and giving it a fantasy setting Chessaria has a chance to bring Chess to the masses.

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Kinglink Reviews

Unknown Author
3.5 / 5.0
Kinglink Reviews

While it is a chess game, the adventure map uses non-standard puzzles to challenge players. There are a lot of interesting styles here, and a rather solid AI to challenge you in the puzzles.

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