Flynn & Freckles

Rookie Hero Games
Mar 21, 2018 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5
3 / 10
7 / 10
8.3 / 10
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Flynn & Freckles - Trailer 2 - Become a pirate

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Critic Reviews for Flynn & Freckles

As a fan of 3D platformers, I wanted to like this game. But in its current state, I find it very hard to recommend and I'm not sure performance fixes would make it all that much better.

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If you're looking for a relaxed 3D action platformer, then Flynn and Freckles might be what you need to scratch that itch.

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7 / 10

Flynn and Freckles is a short but fun game that, depending on your puzzle solving skills, could net you a new Platinum trophy for your collection over an afternoon or two at most, as long as none of the trophies for securing tons of coins and finding the gold statues don't glitch on you. The first of the coin trophies didn't unlock for me, but subsequent trophies for coins totals did unlock, which was a bit weird, so hopefully the team is working on a patch to fix this.

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Flynn & Freckles is a great little 3D platformer based around the late 90's games such as Spyro, Gex, and Croc. As such, it does inherit some of the frustrating aspects, such as looping music, not much guidance, and pixel-perfect jumping, but it delivers it in a much cleaner package in terms of visuals and art-style. Due to the nature of the game, with its lack of blood, easy puzzles, and cute cartoony characters (Flynn not included), I can see this game being enjoyed by people of all ages, especially younger children.

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