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Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 25, 2018

Developer: Johnny Ostad

Genres: Action, RPG

The young Elf, Rynna Silverwind has ventured into the Sacred Lands to undergo the Sacred Trial. Within this pocket dimension, she will face many challenges all in hopes of becoming the goddess's chosen champion. Will she succeed? Or will she fail like many who have fallen before her? FEATURES: There are 9 large zones to explore along with 5 major handcrafted dungeons and 30+ caves/side dungeons. Talk to the inhabitants of the land to upgrade your gear (upgrades such as, protection from slime projectiles, increased bow damage, leeching health from enemies when striking them, etc.) Find hidden Alchemy Recipes, use crafting materials to brew potions and elixirs and carry them with you in your Provision Bag.

Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands Critic Reviews

Blossom Tales and Reverie are much stronger titles in this genre that found a way to be similar but also different from Nintendo's legendary franchise in their own ways. Shalnor Legends pales in comparison to any Zelda game. The use of "Legend" in the title is the only real link between these worlds.

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Despite some annoyances with a few of the enemy designs and the grindy nature of the game’s upgrade system, it is still a decent game. The good art and level design certainly help in that regard.

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Overall, I enjoyed my time with Shalnor Legends, which only took me around six hours to finish. I still have upgrades and collectibles to seek out whenever I feel like jumping back into the action. It’s a good game if you are craving a 2D Zelda-inspired experience on the Switch, though I would have preferred a little less grinding for the upgrade system. I would have liked to have checked out some of the other upgrade paths, but ultimately felt that they weren’t worth the theoretical time required to grind out their components.

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