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Project Nimbus: Code Mirai

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Apr 10, 2018

Publishers: GameTomo, KISS Publishing

Genres: Action, Vehicle Combat

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai is an exciting mech-based flying game inspired by the Gundam, Macross, and Ace Combat series. Project Nimbus: Code Mirai features vibrant graphics, blistering action gameplay and an epic storyline that spans multiple factions and locations. Fly a variety of Battle Frames loaded with missiles, energy blades, psychodrones, particle cannons and more while fighting enemies over floating cities, vast oceans, and in the reaches of space. Key Features Sixteen missions in a variety of locations, including floating cities, ocean fortresses, mountain bases, futuristic prisons, and battles in space. Over a dozen playable Battle Frames with weapons including smart missiles, energy blades, particle cannons, floating energy shields, railguns and autonomous psychodrones. A sprawling storyline with battles between three different factions over a war-torn futuristic planet. Complex bosses each with a unique fighting style, including orbiting nuclear battle mechs, bands of deadly pilots, and weaponized flying ships. Missiles, rail guns and cannons for long range combat…energy blades, blade rushes and bullet time for melee! Bonus survival mode lets you choose from an entire hangar of Battle Frames. All trophies including Platinum! Read more at

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai Reviews

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai is a frantic mech shooter that ticks all the right boxes, but is ultimately let down by a lack of variety. The combat never fails to set your pulse racing, and I'd love to see more from the team and the series, since, for a short while at least, this is the best mech combat we've seen in years.

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Project Nimbus: Code Mirai is a noble attempt at crafting a new mech combat game.

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If you can forgive some flat voice acting here and there, the game is truly worth a complete playthrough. The length of the campaign does little to deter from the best aspect of the game, the combat. I definitely recommend this game to any fans of the genre. If you are looking for a game that all about speed and 3-dimensional combat, then look no further than this title.

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Project Nimbus: Code Mirai PlayStation 4 Release Trailer

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