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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 27, 2018

Developer: The Secret Experiement

Publisher: KISS Publishing

Genre: Adventure

A single-player, point-and-click style noir that will make you question what it is to exist. It is unlike anything else you will ever play. "If you knew my mind you could never love me," spoke Amy. Beckett was defiant, she was everything to him. Time has passed. Amy is dead. A missing persons case leads Beckett down a decaying rabbit hole to the outskirts of reality. Set in a world unlike anything you've experienced, this is an original surreal noir by The Secret Experiment. Take control. Explore. Navigate. Interact. Talk. Defy. Listen. Be careful. This place is unfamiliar. Make it your own. The whole experience lasts around 3 hours. It will be in your head for a long time to come. The surreal noir is to be showcased in The V&A, the world’s leading museum of art and design, who have hand-picked Beckett as an example of design excellence in storytelling and digital media. Thank you for supporting independent videogames. INCLUDES: - An original multi-layered story, discovered and reconstructed by the player and their imagination - A dynamic narrative that responds to the way you play the story and interact with its world - A bizarre and compelling world, filled with hand-made objects and artefacts - A unique soundtrack and soundscape composed and aligned to the story and the world it exists in - A pick-up-and-play interface, no gamer-skills necessary - just an inquisitive mind - Questions about what it is to exist, the fragile nature of reality and the dark-humour that underpins life FEATURING: - Morgellon & Ekbom Live Here - a short, interactive play, featuring the voice of John Otway (if you don't know it, you should check out his hit Really Free and its B-Side, Beware of The Flowers). - Spectacular abstract environments to be explored and discovered, digitally painted by Herman Serrano (Weird Dreams, Chaos Engine, StarGlider) - Illustrations by the incredibly talented Sean Mulvenna, and original screenprints by the fantastic Al White - Programming by Gordon Bell (MotorStorm, The Shoot, Need for Speed: The Run) - Design, direction, words, music and 'made-things' by Simon Meek ( & The 39 Steps) - Access to the dark recesses of your own mind

Beckett Critic Reviews

It's stuck with me, it invaded my dreams last night, it's impactful like a knife tip is impactful. It's inescapable that at times it's sophomoric, but it's worth it for the more pervasive disturbia that ultimately rules.

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A surreal mixed media adventure.

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Beckett is a surreal experience, but a wonderfully unique take on the point-and-click style adventure that makes the delivery of the gripping story far more digestible for a wider audience.

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