The Bell Chimes for Gold

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 6, 2018

Developer: OTUSUN Club

Publisher: Sekai Project

Genre: Interactive Story

Maria is a plain old herbalist training diligently under the watchful gaze of her loving mentor. Her skill in crafting items gets her within arm’s reach of her goal of getting enough money to marry. But then, her mentor who she was supposed to be a happy couple with suddenly marries his pretty childhood friend! “With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want.” After getting turned down with such cruel words, Maria resolves herself and declares: “I’m gonna make a buttload of money and marry someooooneeeee!!!” What encounters are in store? Earn, save, and marry. A happy end awaits you ♪ ------------------- Get to know five middle-aged and rugged men who are down on their luck! Which one will you marry on that special day? ♪ FEATURES: Woo the hearts of 5 potential middle-aged grooms with tough and unique personalities. Explore through different dungeons such as forests and mines to collect materials. Make useful items in battle with Maria's Herbalism skill or you can sell them for money to add to your funds. Contribute to your favorite character with your hard earnings to unlocks special scenes. Enjoy your favorite love interest speaking to you in full Japanese voice-over. Replay through your favorite scenes with the Memories section. Switch between English and Japanese languages in-game.

The Bell Chimes for Gold Reviews

The Bell Chimes for Gold starts out as charming and fun to play.

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