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Emily Wants To Play Too

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Apr 24, 2018
Xbox OneApr 24, 2018
PCDec 13, 2017
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: SKH Apps

Genres: Horror, Action

Emily Wants to Play Too offers tons of fun new survival horror gameplay and strives to creep you out. It is much larger than the original game, including new characters, new games, better visuals, and all new ways to scare your pants off! It is 7pm on Friday night, and you are headed to your delivery destination. Your next stop is some sort of crime research facility. What you didn’t know was that three very strange dolls were recently brought there for processing and storage. These dolls aren’t ordinary; they have a mind of their own. The dolls have work to do, and they are gathering new friends. You are only there to deliver a sandwich, but the dolls can't let any witnesses survive. Your night is about to take a turn for the worse. It will be one of the strangest and scariest nights of your life. Explore the office, avoid the dolls, avoid their friends and look for a way out. Emily will join in on the fun before the night ends because Emily wants to play too!

Emily Wants To Play Too Critic Reviews

Generación Xbox

7 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

Shawn Hitchcock comes back to scare us. Emily Wants to Play Too offers us a sequel that, without innovating regarding its predecessor, will manage to keep us in tension and let out more than one cry during the adventure. A game to consider for lovers of the horror genre.

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Overall Shawn Hitchcock has once again surpassed many major developers with a game that tests your mind as well as your heart. If he isn’t snapped up by a big studio soon then they are missing a trick, as it is minds like his that are going to take the future of Horror Gaming forward, and not let it suffer like it has for the past few years. As long as Emily Wants to Play then so will I.

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7.5 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Emily Wants to Play Too is very similar to the first game in terms of its core mechanics. You will spend a lot of your time wandering around dark environments and learning how to deal with the various enemies whilst looking for a way out. This sequel does mix things up a little with a switch in its gameplay mechanics halfway through which helps keep the gameplay fresh and entertaining. I personally had issues with the lack of direction, instruction and guidance in the first section of the game, but if you persevere and make it to the facility, then the game gets much better. Fans of the original game will love this, and so will people who enjoy jump scare games such as FnaF and SCP.

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Emily Wants To Play Too is banking on popularity of the first game. Second instalment adds puppets and some annoying mechanics. It places player in narrow corridors and makes them play with dolls. The rules? You need to figure them out yourself!

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Emily Wants To Play Too Official Trailer for PC

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Emily Wants to Play 2 Teaser Trailer #EWTP2

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