Sngular, Wildbit Studios
May 8, 2018 - PlayStation VR
Push Square
6 / 10
9 / 10
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Let's CoolPaint a Giant Robot Duel! thumbnail

Let's CoolPaint a Giant Robot Duel!

CoolPaintr VR - Coming Soon! thumbnail

CoolPaintr VR - Coming Soon!

CoolPaintr ResortPSVR thumbnail

CoolPaintr ResortPSVR

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Critic Reviews for CoolPaintrVR

CoolPaintrVR is a fine alternative to Tilt Brush for PlayStation VR, although the limitations of Sony's technology mean that it never really hits the same highs. We would have appreciated a larger palette of objects and effects, but budding artists should find more than enough to make a masterpiece with here.

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CoolPaintr VR isn't a game, neither is it an experience – it's a very cool application presented in VR. Artists and people who like to doodle will love this application as they can immerse themselves in VR as they effectively create a virtual sculpture whilst looking at their own pictured references and listening to their own music. Also, people who work with 3d models on PC in the Collada format (.dae) will also be able to export and utilise their creations outside of the PSVR. There are plenty of different tools at your disposal which will enable you to create whatever your imagination comes up with. If you own a PSVR, why not treat yourself and unleash the hidden artist within you via this essential PSVR application!

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CoolPaintr VR can't be reviewed in a regular way, since it's not a regular game. It's a place where you can give life to your fantasies, it's your own atelier in virtual reality.

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