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HIVE: Altenum Wars

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4May 1, 2018
PCMay 1, 2018

Developer: Catness Game Studios

Genres: Action, First-Person Shooter

HIVE is a multiplayer hero shooter in 2.5D side scroll with futuristic style and frenetic gameplay. Up to 10 players will have to fight in Hexadiums, hexagon-shaped combat areas located inside the planet HIVE. Hexadiums are scenarios that are divided into 6 zones, each with its own gravity, and which have platforms and open spaces that turn it into a frenetic battlefield. In HIVE, we assume the role of the best fighters of the different races that exist in the game: human military (UFG), human modified by alteno (NHC), robots (EVO), and evolved aliens (Aeons). Each Heroes has several skills and weapons that can be equipped before entering battle, to suit the style of play of each player and that make each game unique with the hundreds of combinations that you can have with the weapons and characters available. The battles are governed by a series of rules according to their game mode: TEAM DEATHMATCH: A team fight in an industrial battlefield, aiming to obtain the highest number of enemy kills. KING OF THE HILL: Teams must conquer and defend one of three different strategic points scattered across the map. SURVIVAL: Offline or cooperative mode, in which the hero faces waves of enemies. Main features: Hexagonal battlefield (dynamic gravity) Frenetic style mechanics (Dash, open spaces, low gravity) Customisable abilities and weapons Hero shooter, different unique classes local and online multiplayer e-Sports oriented, competitive feel Single player mode: Survival

HIVE: Altenum Wars Reviews

From an accessibility standpoint, however, HIVE: Altenum Wars does little to make the player feel welcome, and even less still to reward their perseverance in staying. It feels very much like an alpha gameplay demo for a game years down the pipeline. HIVE is a shooter that misses the mark almost entirely, but does, at the very least, provide a very solid foundation upon which Catness Games could build something truly special with more time spent iterating and refining the process.

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