Razerwire Nanowars

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 28, 2018

Developer: Hammer and Ravens

Publisher: Screwdriver and Pigeons

Genres: Arcade, Action

RW:NW™ is a personal revisitation of the 80s' arcades where I spent most of my pocket money as a kid. It's also my very first solo project after six years of working on much larger team projects. After all that work on slow pachyderms, I wanted to take a stab at something smaller, faster to make, and granting a more immediate fun. So, I dusted a gameplay idea I hid in a drawer a couple of years back, I set it up as a 30 minutes-a-day project and started working on it during lunch breaks. When the prototype was welcomed quite enthusiastically by the first testers, I decided to make it real. Razerwire:Nanowars™ is as a simple little game, quite replayable and with a little nice set of upgrades, achievements and highscores to beat to satisfy the progression geek in all of us.

Razerwire Nanowars Reviews

Razerwire: Nanowars is definitely one of the best time-wasters you could decide to buy on Steam, a game that offers in its honest simplicity a genuine challenges between friends and a satisfying sense of destruction. The price is really insignificant, for what it offers.

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