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Available on:PlayStation 4May 16, 2018

Developer: DNA Softworks

Khara is an adventure story starred by a young girl who will have to find out who she really is. She will make use of her powers over water in order to face the many dangers that await her on the Atlantis Island. In this adventure you will personify Khara, the daughter of a humble fisherman who is shipwrecked together with her father on a mysterious island: the mythical Atlantis. Khara will discover that her origins tie her more to that land than she could have imagined and that incredible powers that allow her to control the water have always been within her. A thrilling and exciting journey full of dangers in which you will help Khara to face her destiny and become a young heroine.

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8 / 10

Khara: The Game from indie DNA Softworks on PlayStation 4 is a short but fun adventure that is worth your time. The team did a great job with its first game release, with a soundtrack that fits the action perfectly, pushing forward during large landscapes and being just right during the tense boss battles. I look forward to seeing what the studio does next on PS4!

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Khara is a fun indie action adventure that you can complete in an afternoon. It's a good effort from DNA Softworks that gives us a game that is a bit linear, but the overall experience is certainly entertaining. I definitely look forward to seeing what the studio has to offer for their next project.

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7.8 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Khara: The Game is a fun puzzle platformer which will take you around three hours to complete. Some sections will have you frustrated due to the controls, and some bosses will anger you the first time you stumble upon them. However, once you have adapted to the mechanics and learnt the bosses patterns and weaknesses, you realise that Khara: The Game isn't that bad. With your new abilities you gain throughout the course of the game, and the introduction of new enemies and puzzles – things are kept fresh and interesting right until the end credits.

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DNA Softworks has not had it easy to develop Khara. Lack of resources and excess of ambition make something riddled with good ideas be overshadowed by various problems whose solution seems difficult.

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