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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Apr 26, 2018

Developer: Intragames Co.

Genre: Action

'Survive! Mr. Cube' is an rogue-lite action game with the story of a man called 'Mr. Cube' who has to escape from an unknown world in order to get his life back. On this randomly produced system, you will have to survive using unique and unusual Cube characters and numerous weapons.


There are some clear pros and cons to Survive! Mr. Cube. It has potential, and the good (just) outweighs the bad. I had to force myself to play at first, though I enjoyed it more as I progressed further. It's limited in some respects, and would be easier to recommend if it came with a lower price tag.

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Survive! Mr. Cube is a cute, simple rogue-lite that's safe for the whole family. The variety of weaponry and enemies keeps things interesting. Unfortunately, you can finish every task the game has to offer in only a couple of hours and there isn't much to do long-term.

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Survive! Mr. Cube is a casual roguelike game with its emphasis on combat being more than it’s overall story. Don’t go into the game expecting it to be a brutal game which will take you many hours to platinum and keep you trying over and over until you reach the final boss. The game is more for those who like the idea of a roguelike but would rather stay alive longer and get the sense of progression within their current playthrough and not the next. That being said, when you do inevitably die, you are given a new character and weapon and sent out into the world to fight once more. The game is charming and I had a lot of fun playing through it.

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