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General Information

Available on:PCMay 21, 2018

Developer: 4Bit Games

Genres: Puzzle, Simulation

A god falls. A rift opens. A hero rises. PRIME MOVER IS A GAME ABOUT DESIGNING CIRCUIT BOARDS FROM 4BIT GAMES. In this open-ended puzzle game, you build circuit boards to solve a wide variety of logic and computer science inspired problems. Compare the speed and efficiency of your unique solutions with your friends and the world. Work your way from transistor to processor, uncover the story of the Byte of Burden! DESIGN CIRCUIT BOARDS - Design and build Circuit boards that solve a wide variety of logic and computer science inspired problems. OPEN-ENDED PUZZLES - There are infinitely many ways to solve every puzzle, but some solutions are better than others! Compare your solutions with your friends on the online leaderboards and monitor trends with the global histograms. A TOOLBOX OF CHIPS - Utilize a wide variety of components in your quest for optimization! Create circuits boards within circuit boards, within circuit boards! VIBRANT SOUNDTRACK - Score by the amazing Jonathan Geer, composer of the Owlboy soundtrack. UNCOVER FORGOTTEN SECRETS - Memory fragments are scattered across the blueprint. Retrace the path of the Prime Mover to uncover the story of the Byte of Burden!

Prime Mover Critic Reviews

Prime Mover provides a programming/puzzle game based on a handful of logic components. The puzzles start out with a shallow difficulty climb to get you used to the mechanics of the game, but ramp up quickly as you get deeper into the game. The 4-bit artistic motif makes screen legibility an issue, in addition to it being a "love or hate it" kind of look. If the low-res graphics don't offend, this one is worth a look for the puzzles alone.

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Awesome little puzzler that'll do well to keep you busy when you want it to, challenging enough that it will give even the most die-hard puzzler's brains a workout, but clever enough to not have you needing to complete the level at a time, so you can put it down and come back to it when the thermal throttling on your brain has returned to normal.

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