Quad Fighter K

Aksys Games
May 31, 2018 - Nintendo Switch
5 / 10
3 / 5
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Quad Fighter K Media

Critic Reviews for Quad Fighter K

Quad Fighter K is a, somewhat simplistic, co-op-focused vertical shooter, with humdrum, NES-like retro visuals (with actual retro visuals being much better). It's one of those typical games whose main selling point seems to be the nostalgia factor, and nothing more than that.

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For $7.99 Quad Fighter K is an interesting title. I can appreciate the unique approach to the genre but it needs more polish. If you like old school shoot-em-ups and find this intriguing, I’d say give it a shot. Keep in mind though that the nature of the four-player gameplay makes for a chaotic playthrough that is equally as impressive as it is frustrating. It might make for a fun game to play with friends however if you plan on tackling this solo, I have nothing to say other than “Good Luck!”

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