Deluded Mind

Pyxton Studios
Jun 15, 2018 - PC
Worth Playing
7.5 / 10
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Deluded Mind | Release Trailer thumbnail

Deluded Mind | Release Trailer

Deluded Mind | Official Trailer thumbnail

Deluded Mind | Official Trailer

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Deluded Mind - Environment Showcase

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Critic Reviews for Deluded Mind

Deluded Mind is good and entertaining, but it had so much potential. It had an asylum, random giggles, and a little emotional turmoil, but it always just missed the mark. I love a good asylum thriller, and this game had me guessing at nearly every turn. If you like a good thrill, try it out but use a notepad because there are several clues to keep track of. Word of advice: Never underestimate a good jump-scare. They will happen, and they will be random, and you will jump.

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