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Deluded Mind

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 15, 2018

Developer: Pyxton Studios

Genres: Horror, Adventure

In Deluded Mind, you take on the role of Dean Catrall, an FBI agent whose daughter was murdered by a criminal organization looking for revenge. In spite of the tragic loss, you continue to work as an FBI agent and will be incapacitated and kidnapped during an operation. You wake up at the psychiatric institution "Hillstone Asylum" and find that you have been given a potent hallucinogen. Your kidnapper's note tells you that your FBI partner Robert Page is also inside the institution. As you cross the corridors of Hillstone Asylum, you notice that there's something wrong with you: The hallucinogen shows its effects and literally puts you in hell on earth. How can you tell reality from illusion? FEATURES Extreme horror: Due to a hallucinogen, you literally experience hell on earth. Feel reality and fantasy merge into an unforgettable experience. Stunning graphics: High-quality graphics offer you an incredibly detailed yet terrifying environment. Overwhelming story: Uncover your past and confront things beyond our imagination. World-class sound effects: Every sound will freeze the blood in your veins. Ruthless punishments: The longer you need to solve a puzzle or solve it incorrectly, the harder the hallucinogen will punish you. Random generator: Randomly generated events provide a diversified gaming experience.

Deluded Mind Critic Reviews

Deluded Mind is good and entertaining, but it had so much potential. It had an asylum, random giggles, and a little emotional turmoil, but it always just missed the mark. I love a good asylum thriller, and this game had me guessing at nearly every turn. If you like a good thrill, try it out but use a notepad because there are several clues to keep track of. Word of advice: Never underestimate a good jump-scare. They will happen, and they will be random, and you will jump.

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