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Available on:PCJul 10, 2018
Nintendo SwitchJul 10, 2018

Publisher: PQube

Squidge up to four players on your couch for competitive fun (party hats are mandatory!) Join your friends on a mad-as-a-squid race to the most bopping octopus party of the year and wrestle the only present out of their wriggly tentacles. Be the first to present it at the octo-party to win! Wriggle, jiggle, and squiggle past your friends! Up to four players can squish up on the couch for competitive fun! Express your inner pode by donning a range of delightful hats! Kick, boop, slap and jump your way to party-superiority over your friends! With ever-changing stages each round, you'll never play the same race twice! Sea-dwellers, land-walkers, cat-lovers and players of all ages can join this wild pode chase!

Muddledash Reviews

Muddledash is what a party game should be. Just beware, you'll need more than eight tentacles to play.

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Muddledash is a fun party game on Nintendo Switch from slampunks and pqube that will keep you busy for a while, as long as you're playing with family or friends. The game is definitely aimed at younger players who, with the help of an adult, can have a good time with this procedurally generated release.

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Muddledash is a fun title that suits parties, or can be used to entertain the kids for a couple of hours. Slampunks has provided a light-hearted party game that doesn't offer a single-player experience. While it's refreshing to see couch co-op titles aren't forgotten, Muddledash is only a fun experience depending on the group that's playing. Don't take this too seriously, and just have fun with a laugh to get the most out of it.

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8.5 / 10.0

Muddledash is such a fun little party game. It isn't too deep and there aren't a load of controls to try and remember. It's a pick-up-and-play type of game which is perfect for short bursts of gameplay rather than long sessions. It's also a great game for younger children as well as competitive adults! I love the fact each stage is procedurally generated and how fast it is to jump straight into a new round once one has finished. It's basically a game which has no purpose other than to keep the players entertained for a while as they try and beat each other over and over again.

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