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General Information

Available on:PCSep 12, 2018

Developer: Maelstrom Rabbit

Genre: Puzzle

Trinity is an atmospheric FPS/puzzle game set in a mysterious and surrealistic universe. In this game, you have the ability to give differents properties to platform to help the player navigate throught complex environment. This core mechanic will guide you in your journey and you will travel through a dozen of different levels about life and death and you will solve many puzzles that will challenge your logic while offering an engaging and immersive experience. - An innovating FPS/puzzle - An engaging experience with a beautiful and interesting artistic direction. - More that forty well thought puzzles that will challenge your skill.

Trinity Reviews

Frustrating puzzles, bad visuals, and prevalent glitches don't keep Trinity from being an unintentionally funny experience, but they come extremely close. It's largely unpleasant and nearly impossible to finish, but the morbidly curious will find the story snippets well worth the impractical effort.

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