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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 28, 2018
PCAug 29, 2018
Nintendo SwitchAug 23, 2018

Developer: Exe Create Inc.

Publisher: KEMCO

Travel to the other side and beyond and find a way back home in a fantasy RPG! After awaking in unfamiliar woods, Alex, an ordinary high schooler living an ordinary life, learns he has somehow ended up in Fernland, a world dominated by conflict and destruction. Fighting monsters, the ever-ominous threat of the Overlord, and a succession of chaotic events as he tries to find his own place in this new world, Alex comes across Lita, a young woman from a peaceful world like his own. Hitting it off, they soon become friends and set out together, but what hidden truth awaits them as their adventure begins to unfold...? Join forces with buddies and fight! Take advantage of the Secret House and dispatch buddies to collect items or place them on stands to gain special-effects. Grow parameter-increasing fruit, upgrade and customize weapons, take on variety of sub quests and enjoy plenty of content!

Fernz Gate Critic Reviews

While its core systems don't rewrite the rules of the genre, Fernz Gate's wholesome RPG mechanics will whisk you back to a 16-bit era where plucky little sprites and enchanting chiptunes were the order of the day.

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Fernz Gate is a fun RPG. While there's a lot to learn with the mechanics, I think this is a game anyone can pick, play, and enjoy.

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Like other Exe-Create developed/KEMCO released turn-based RPGs, Fernz Gate delivers an interesting enough narrative, fun (if classic) battle mechanics, and character customisation options. Sadly, like its predecessors, it gets let down by a general mediocre, generic, and soulless visual presentation. Looking beyond this hurdle, however, what remains is a thoroughly enjoyable homage to 16-bit JRPGs that won't overstay its welcome, and which, for its price, proves fairly acceptable - and suitable for short bursts of play on the go. Here's hoping Exe-Create dares to try more grandiloquent things, and craft something way more memorable, because there is clearly potential.

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Fernz Gate is a traditional JRPG that strives to balance classic tropes with modern innovations - a balancing act that can either create an impressive gaming experience or - in this case - go horribly wrong.

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