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A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 13, 2018

Developer: Gears for Breakfast

Genre: Adventure

SEAL THE DEAL introduces: An all-new chapter: The Arctic Cruise A new incredibly difficult mode: Death Wish! Local split-screen co-op! Six new Time Rifts! A ton of outfits, flairs, dyes and even camera filters!

A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal Critic Reviews

All of the gating is unnecessary, but if you're willing to dig into Seal the Deal there's a decent amount there. I wish that there was a Goku-approved hyperbolic chamber for the Hat in Time developers to enter so they could have an eternity to keep coming up with more hubs with no strings attached. One in just under a year isn't enough, but I have a feeling they're going to be cooking up a lot more in the future.

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Seal the Deal is a DLC for A Hat in Time that feels too short for it to be a major contribution to the game. Seal the Deal also allows for a higher difficulty setting which can become too frustrating for many players. Nevertheless, given the nature of this DLC and the way that it is presented more like a gift to owners of A Hat in Time for Nintendo Switch, then Seal the Deal can act as an enjoyable, if limited, contribution.

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Xander Morningstar
7 / 10.0

All of this to say, A Hat in Time + Seal the Deal knows what kind of game it is, and it certainly pays homage to titles that built the genre. It has its own cute, quirky personality but it definitely trips over itself, despite a valiant effort to be a great 3D platforming experience. It just needs to run better, and iron out its rougher spots so that it can throw its own hat into the ring of the best 3D platformers.

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A Hat in Time - Seal the Deal Announcement (Gamescom 2018)

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