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Available on:Xbox OneSep 21, 2018
PCSep 21, 2018

Developer: Delimma Studio

Publisher: E-Home Entertainment

Genre: Platformer

The world of WENJIA is one that shifts between the realms of Matter and Energy. The realms of Matter and Energy mirror each other in perfect duality. However, certain entities in the Energy Realm have evolved into matter-less sentient beings. The game’s kitten protagonist (a cat-shaped energy entity) and spirits are all examples of such beings. Pure energy entities can travel freely between the two realms. The story of WENJIA thus unfolds… A forest’s longstanding tranquility is shattered by a sudden earthquake. As lava bursts forth from the ground, the mountain’s spirits find themselves surrounded by fiery death. By controlling a kitten, the player must overcome numerous obstacles in the wild to reach the burning heart of the mountain and rescue the spirits before it’s too late. Cross-Realm Travels WENJIA is a 2D platform game with puzzle-solving elements. Players can freely travel between two realms, each of them with different challenges and obstacles. Players must utilize both realms’ mechanisms to reach their final goal. Soothing In-game Environment WENJIA’s exquisite hand-drawn graphics bring out both the vivid colorfulness of the Matter Realm and the fantastical strangeness of the Energy Realm. The sharp contrast between the two realms offers the players a unique visual feast. Working with game audio talents from Russia, WENJIA’s sound team has created an immersive fantasy environment that features deep woods, eerie ruins, and raging volcanos. Simple Gameplay WENJIA’s simplified gameplay makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the game. However, the challenging level design does test the players’ reflexes and ability to strategize.
Wenjia - (XPA, Xbox One, Win10) - Trailer thumbnail

Wenjia - (XPA, Xbox One, Win10) - Trailer

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Wenjia - Xbox One - Gamescom Trailer

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Wenjia looks visually superb, but the gameplay is too simple and short for the price.

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Wenjia may be short, but it's a really fun experience while it lasts. Fans of platformers would do well to check it out.

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When it comes to tricky platformers, Wenjia's world-shifting mechanic makes it unique but the frustration factor can be super-high.

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