Prodigy Tactics

Hanakai Studio, Forever Entertainment, PlayWay S.A., Ultimate Games S.A.
Sep 28, 2018 - PC
65 / 100
Screen Rant
3 / 5
Geeks Under Grace
4 / 10
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Prodigy Tactics Trailers

Prodigy Tactics Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Prodigy Tactics Gameplay Trailer

Prodigy Tactics Trailer thumbnail

Prodigy Tactics Trailer

Prodigy Tactics gameplay video thumbnail

Prodigy Tactics gameplay video

Prodigy Tactics Screenshots

Critic Reviews for Prodigy Tactics

The art and style of Prodigy Tactics may have been worth the wait, but the overall package has to be a disappointment to the very people who gave and waited so long for it's release. The gameplay is fun, but slow and repetitive to the point of monotony. The game also is riddled with lazy cut corners in displaying characters between the battles, and overall falls short of the high mark it set for itself by delaying release for years.

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Prodigy Tactics is a more than serviceable entry into the tactical game genre.

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On the surface, Prodigy Tactics boasts a high quality presentation and entertaining gameplay. Unfortunately, it suffers from technical issues and doesn't offer very much for players to do. Having just been brought out of Early Access, it should have stayed a little longer.

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