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Project Highrise: Architect's Edition

Oct 26, 2018 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Push Square
7 / 10
60 / 100
Nintendo Enthusiast
8 / 10
Pure Nintendo
7.5 / 10
8 / 10
7 / 10
Digitally Downloaded
4 / 5
PSX Brasil
75 / 100
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Project Highrise - Architect's Edition (US)

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Critic Reviews for Project Highrise: Architect's Edition

Push Square

Nat Eker
7 / 10
Push Square

Project Highrise: Architect's Edition is a real success in the building sim genre. It's easy application of a daunting set of tools and simple to understand, difficult to master gameplay make it a really fun experience. The variety of backdrops and modes make each pitch feel unique, but the real fun comes from the trial and error of trying out different builds and the pride of seeing your once little build growing into a skyscraper with four Casinos and several penthouses, making you thousands by the day. Though the look is dull and there are a few minor annoyances, that doesn't take away from the stellar and smart game design that makes a repeat visit to this gem a guarantee.

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There’s lots to do in this game, there’s lots of challenge and it all works pretty smoothly. But Project Highrise just feels flat and never achieves the “just one more turn” level of addiction that I love in the best sim titles.

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If long-form strategy/sim titles are your cup of tea, then Project Highrise was made for you.

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For all its simplicity, Project Highrise: Architect's Edition is one of those addictive building games that can grab hold of you with its incredible detail and not let you go

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Project Highrise: Architect's Edition is a great overall package for any sim fan to enjoy. Thanks to the DLC, there is a lot of content here to enjoy, and a really addicting experience to have. The scenarios could be a little more varied, but they all have their own set of unique challenges to overcome - not to mention, for those that prefer, the sandbox mode allows players to enjoy building any way they want. Playing on the Switch is generally a good experience, albeit the UI can pose some challenges to clarity on the screen, particularly in undocked mode. This is a title to pick up, though, and is sure to scratch the simulation itch for so many.

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Since the base game is so in-depth, I wouldn't even feel a need to buy the DLC content if I didn't have to. All the DLC provides is new themes and slightly varied scenarios, so I do think this game would be a better value without it. Project Highrise is here for those craving the deepest management simulator the Switch has to offer, but if you're not already a fan of the genre, I wouldn't recommend it.

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Still, Project Highrise is the ultimate example of efficiency. Coming in at around 150MB to download, it's actually one of the smaller games available on the PlayStation 4, and that's because it cuts corners in the presentational elements to focus on the quality simulation. It's a delight to play, and replay, to come up with different tower designs, and I expect that I'll keep coming back to this for quite some time to come.

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You not only have to meet the structural needs, but also the customers' needs. With a lot of tools, Project Highrise: Architect's Edition is a complete game, with many features that make it hard to get acquainted with the options and have a real success in the enterprise. It can become a monotonous game due to its visual and soundtrack, but it's a great building simulator.

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