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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 16, 2018

Publisher: Belka

Genres: Arcade, Fighting

Have fun with your friends with the great award-winning Circle of Sumo! COS is simple and compelling at the same time, with a lot of different challenges. It's pure fun! Take control of 8 different sumo wrestlers and challenge your friends on daring fights and sport based extra-games! - Up to 4 local players - 8 different characters - 24 sumo arenas - 4 crazy extra-games - 2 single player mini-games Circle of Sumo is a must for the game nights with your friends!

Circle of Sumo Reviews

As a budget local multiplayer title, Circle of Sumo isn't a bad deal, but it's far from the best available on Switch. Gameplay is simple, easy to grasp, and pretty fun. The gamut of colorful, inventive stages go a long way in keeping the game fresh round after round. That said, Circle of Sumo is not something you'll play for more than a few minutes at a time. It wears thin pretty quickly, and the added minigames just aren't that fun. As a quick refresher between Grand Prix in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Circle of Sumo will serve well, but that's the height of its potential. As far as local multiplayer goes, you can do a lot better elsewhere on the Switch eShop, especially in a post-Ultimate world.

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There are so many other better multiplayer games on the Switch that also have a decent amount of solo content. I did like the fact that you can unlock a number of cool sumo wrestling venues, but that's one of the only bright spots here. Circle of Sumo doesn't last more than a few minutes in the ring.

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Circle Of Sumo - Official Trailer 2018 [Nintendo Switch]

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