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General Information

Available on:PCNov 2, 2018
Nintendo SwitchNov 2, 2018

Developers: Flying Tiger Entertainment, Inc., Lub Blub, International Headquarters

Publisher: 612 Games

Genre: Action

HEAVY BURGER is absolute local-multiplayer mayhem! Play as Peter Pepper, the burger-boppin’ hero of Burger Time! He’s not your classic little chef anymore. Wield shotguns, laser rifles, pistols, and machine guns as you lay waste to your opponents in a desperate tug-of-war to THE BANK! Snag the prized MONEY BAG as you release hoards of prisoners while leaping over bottomless pits in the Heavy Burger arena. Battle the grenade-tossing Green Men from Heavy Barrel as they blast through reinforced steel onto the cliffside fortress. Dodge hundreds of rounds as tanks and turrets pepper the battlefield. Shoot explosive pool balls at your friends in a level inspired by Side Pocket. Sink ‘em all for an extra dose of chaos! Crush your enemies under the enormous weight of falling burger pieces while blasting Pickles, Eggs, and Hot Dogs in the BurgerTime arena. Navigate a procedurally-generated and fully destructible maze while running from cops, dodging explosive cars, and collecting major coin in the Lock ‘N Chase level. Dodge mad charging bulls, high flying kicks, and a discerning judge’s eye in the Karate Champ arena. Watch the crowd roar as you pummel your opponents. Skirt through heavy traffic, roundhouse kicks, and flaming ninjas as you speed boost to your final destination, THE BANK, in the Bad Dudes arena. Deposit that coin with the help of President bank manager Ronnie himself. Take a free ride in his chopper and bask in the glory of HEAVY BURGER MADNESS on the White House lawn. Good Luck. We’re all counting on you. KEY FEATURES: 1-4 Players Play with your friends or bots Test your skills with 24 Single-Player Challenges! Customize and Save your favorite Arcade Lineups Resize the playfield from 3 to 13 machines Track your stats Unlockable Bonus Content Enormous list of supported controllers Insane top-down, twin-stick shooting, couch-competitive action!

Heavy Burger Critic Reviews

Heavy Burger's handful of recreated arcade cabinets, while true to their source material, isn't varied enough to encourage long-term replayability. What is here has been polished to a shiny sheen, but this shooter could have used a lot more content.

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Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Heavy Burger Trailer for Nintendo Switch

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