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General Information

Available on:PCDec 11, 2018

Developer: Dragon Whisper Game

Publisher: Zodiac Interactive

Genres: Arcade, Simulation

As the natural environment deteriorated during the middle of the 21st century, powerful illness have once again risen up as they did during the dark ages. As the 21st century wore on, the earth’s natural environment continued to decline at an alarming rate. Rising from this new dark age are powerful diseases and illnesses, reminiscent of the plagues from times long passed. The probability of becoming infected by a serious illness has sharply increased, while at the same time traditional medical techniques have become less effective. In the face of such an onslaught, large-scale pharmaceutical companies have begun to invest large amounts of money and manpower into the study and development of nano-machine technology. From this medicinal arms race the NCR (Nano Core Robot) was born – a new and highly effective weapon in the war against sickness. But is this truly the savior we have been calling for, or is there something more lurking beneath the surface. Bacterium puts players behind the controls of an NCR nano-machine. In the name of the global pharmaceutical corporation you work for, become a frontline soldier in the war against the viruses.        -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- About Bacterium - Originally created during a 2017 Game Jam from the concept of “Waves” - Unique visuals and art style bring the “internal” battlefield to life - Authentic real-world viruses and diseases, with a little science-fiction thrown in - 2-4 player local co-op - Battle inside the body of the person you are tasked with saving, facing off against both the disease itself and their ragged, hostile immune system

Bacterium Critic Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised by this title. The idea of destroying diseases at a cellular level makes for a fun and exciting gaming experience. Bacterium combines both the simplicity of a hack n’ slash with the complexity of a nuanced RPG. The ethereal feeling of being within the human body feels claustrophobic, but also seems natural at the same time. This game is an excellent addition to any Steam catalog.

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