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The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 19, 2018

Developer: Gory Detail Limited

Genre: Strategy

THE UNLIKELY LEGEND BEGINS.... 'Our story begins, down a drain we are flushed. Did we slip ? Did we fall? Or was it a push?' From the original creators of Conker's Bad Fur Day, comes a delicately told tale of a dog which thinks it's a toy, or is it a toy that thinks it's a dog? Lost and alone in a richly detailed 2D world, you must help lead our sad pooch back home again......Just in time for tea. EXPLORE... 'Don’t just sit there and skulk, or curl up for a sulk. Lift that tail I implore, for it’s time we explore.' Not for the faint-hearted, explore this dark and dingy labyrinth. Avoid its pitfalls, exploit its treasure, relish its marvels and so save those souls from a fate worse than death. NURTURE... 'What a horrible thing, bubbling brains in a jar. I suspect without these, we won't get too far.' Light the way, drop in shadow, lay a scent, break his fall, grab a friend, fill that belly, make a bridge, set the fuse, plant a bomb, trap the monster, be his eyes and his heart, feed him up, wind that clock. BUILD... 'Oh! With darkness around, foul creatures abound. Over here, out of sight, perhaps there’s a light?' Afraid of the dark, afraid of the depths, afraid even of his own shadow, Rusty needs his master. Resources abound, find them fast and forge new paths.. Keep him on track but don't dawdle too much, lest time catches up. PROTECT... 'A Monster dazed, but not forever. You sailed unscathed, beneath its lever.' The murk and dank are not the only foes, for in these depths lurk others who've made this place their home. Sometimes they help, but most just don't care. You're passing through so stay alert and lay a path, that gentle nudge, that double bluff to bring our pup a little closer...To home. CHERISH... 'Lazy Pooch, wants to snooze. Scratch his ear? Let him kip? Up to you, time to choose.' And yet, this little pup has a mind of his own, so keep one eye on your friend but stay mindful of the daunting tasks that lay hidden ahead of him. Push him or cojole, trap him or avoid, awake or in slumber, Rusty will usually do as he is done by. Usually !

The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup Critic Reviews

Patience is needed to crack the heart of Rusty Pup, but we suspect it could end up joining the likes of Psychonauts and Conker's Bad Fur Day as a cult classic.

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