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General Information

Available on:PCMar 7, 2019

Developers: Nicolás Recabarren, Tomás Batista

Publisher: Nonsense Arts

ETHEREAL is a profound experience (nominated to IGF 2019 for its audio and sound design) where you have to find your way within an intricate and abstract series of levels, using different kinds of mechanics that allows you to modify the environment or the direction of your character movement. Each corner of its world has been carefully designed to communicate without any text and expose a novel puzzle to solve without time pressure, evoking an introspective state of mind. KEY FEATURES Beautiful minimalist and abstract art style Awarded music and sound design Non-verbal narrative No time pressure, you can wander around as long as you want! 4 different worlds to explore, each one with new mechanics, challenges and secrets! 24 hand-crafted levels Developed by Nicolás Recabarren and Tomás Batista, from Nonsense Arts, an indie game studio from Argentina.

Ethereal Critic Reviews

Ethereal's frustrating technical issues are alleviated by the satisfyingly challenge of its puzzles.

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ETHEREAL is a very competent, well designed puzzle game. The way it introduces things makes playing it pretty intuitive, even though it kinda looked like nonsense just looking at the trailers. There’s really not many things to criticize about it, but there weren’t exactly many high points either. If you’re craving for a puzzle game that won’t take up too much of your time, this is certainly a worthy game to look into. Beating it only took me maybe 4 hours. There’s no price listed on Steam as of writing this, but I’d say it’d be worth picking up between $10 and $15.

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