Ritual of the Moon

Kara Stone
Apr 18, 2019 - PC
80 / 100
Digital Chumps
9 / 10
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Ritual of the Moon Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Ritual of the Moon

Ritual of the Moon is a reflection of life, tranquility, and choice that is more of an experience than a game. The paper aesthetic and color palette fit the tone perfectly. There's not much in terms of content, but the short bursts are nice each day.

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Ritual of the Moon's takes five minutes from twenty-eight consecutive days to consider, measure, and test the variable nature of morality. It's a cycle of play that finds a rhythm with the player's social and behavioral conflict, and questions that seemed trapped in ethereal ambience reveal honest and unexpected conclusions. My own introspection and negligence, as it turns out, have a lot in common.

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