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Dawn of Survivors

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Available on:Nintendo SwitchApr 19, 2019


From decaying cities to dark forests, you will fight through hordes of zombies and desperate scavengers. Find food. Build shelter. Prepare yourself. For when the sun rises, so do the dead. SCAVENGE FOR RESOURCES Scavenge the wastelands for resources. You’ll search for supplies and materials in this cruel, undead world. Everything can be used to help you survive. MASSIVE, DYNAMIC WORLD Explore massive city landscapes, abandoned labs, hidden crash sites, and dark forests. The dead are everywhere! FIGHT HORDES OF ZOMBIES Face a variety of countless zombies, each with their own abilities. UNLOCK WEAPONS AND TOOLS Unlock and craft a massive assortment of weapons and tools, from swords to automatic rifles to traps. PVP Take on players from around the world. Raid their shelters for resources, but be ready to defend your own home. The fight to survive never ends.

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Dawn of Survivors doesn't have the most original or complicated premise, but is a legitimately solid zombie survival game.

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