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A Hat in Time: Nyakuza Metro

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 10, 2019

Developer: Gears for Breakfast

Publisher: Humble Bundle

Genre: Adventure

Welcome to the deep underground Nyakuza Metro! It's the perfect place for a little lying, a little cheating... a little stealing. Join the Nyakuza and become mad rich - joining a gang never turned out bad, right? Nyakuza Metro introduces an all-new chapter with 10 new Time Pieces, a new sticker system, new flairs, new dyes, a new weapon, a new purple Time Rift and more! NYAKUZA METRO • 10 New Time Pieces! • Stickers! Stickers can be attached to your weapon, used with the Camera Badge, or as emotes! • A new weapon: The Baseball Bat! • A new Purple Time Rift: Rumbi Factory! • New flairs, including the Nyakuza Mask, Burger Cap, Artistic Vision, and more! • 2 new camera filters! • 2 new badges! • Over 20 new dyes, including Wireframe, Pizza Time and more! ONLINE PARTY • Friends: Play in groups of up to 50 players by entering a group name! • Public: Play with 3 other strangers who can see you, but cannot affect you! • Use your new stickers to communicate as emotes! • Mess with each other! You can hit, explode, shake and play catch with each other, and more! • Clear Time Rifts together as your progress is combined! (Note: Some game features are deliberately not synced in Online Party, to avoid griefing)

A Hat in Time: Nyakuza Metro Critic Reviews

Despite clocking in at just a few hours long, A Hat in Time: Nyakuza Metro is an instant recommendation. It's pretty much everything I want out of a Hat DLC, and the exact formula I'd want Gears for Breakfast to keep replicating if said DLC never stopped coming. I hope it never stops.

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Overall, Nyakuza Metro is a great addition to an already great game. The new chapter and the vast amount of new customization options available made this DLC stand out far more than Seal the Deal. Although it suffers from short length and the absence of the Online Party Mode, the adventure was fun from beginning to end. If you enjoyed the base game, then you will certainly enjoy Nyakuza Metro.

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