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General Information

Available on:PCMay 1, 2019

Developer: Epitasis Games

Genres: Action, Adventure

ABOUT: Having discovered an ancient portal, you take a leap of faith and suddenly find yourself amidst the remnants of an ancient alien civilization. Cryptic puzzles, forgotten technologies and treasured relics are riddled among the beautiful wilderness that has engulfed the remains of this fallen race. If you are to learn their secrets, you must unearth the fate of the civilization that called these lost worlds home. Epitasis is a sci-fi exploration puzzle game, set on far off distant worlds. Epitasis features about 3-4 hours of content for the average player. It is a casual puzzle-exploration game, with a larger emphasis on art and atmosphere. It is built by essentially one developer and a composer, taking inspiration from incredible games such as the Talos Principle, Myst, and Fez, but is not designed to be nearly as challenging as those titles. Please don't hesitate to contact us to provide feedback, problems with the game, or to simply find out if this is the right sort of game for you. FEATURES: Explore at your own pace; traverse the colorful, non-linear world in any way you choose, day or night. Learn to use alien machinery, provide power via lasers, disable security systems, and more. Every area beautifully hand crafted, from large mountain swept vistas to the smallest of details. Beautiful and dynamic soundtrack that evolves as you progress through the game. Discover ancient relics, jump through space bending portals, and unearth the fate of the race that called these lost worlds home.

Epitasis Critic Reviews


15 / 20

Epitasis is a puzzler where you will travel in some beautiful landscapes and in a relaxed ambiance. However, puuzles are not very complicated if you are logique. Is it a good game'? We can tell you, we enjoyed to play Epitasis and to be in its world. If you like this kind of game or if you want to have a good time, Epitasis is for you.

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5 / 10

Epitasis is not an adventure game, but a collection of painfully similar puzzles that require minimum effort to solve. On the bright side, the main goal of Lucas Govatos' creation was to provide some simple, casual, relaxing fun, and it achieves that, looking pretty good while at it. Just make sure to grab it when it gets a lot cheaper.

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