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Sairento Untethered

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftJun 27, 2019

Developer: Mixed Realms Pte Ltd

Genre: Action

Ever wanted to be a cyber ninja? A top-selling VR game and probably the best cyber ninja simulator ever, Sairento VR offers you that opportunity! Perform quadruple jumps, wall runs, power slides, back flips and even get to manipulate time. Empty lead into an enemy before spinning around to sink your blade into another. Kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives, shurikens, kunais and more - they are all at your disposal. Keep growing your experience and upgrading your skills. • Single player mode. • 5 exciting maps with hordes of enemies to test your ninja skills on. • A unique locomotion system that allows you to move and fight like a ninja. • Fight with close to 20 different types of weapons and develop your own combat style. • Keep upgrading your abilities and weapons as you accumulate experience from completing missions.

Sairento Untethered Critic Reviews

Sairento Untethered is a nice bite-sized version of the critically-acclaimed PCVR shooter. It's very light on content, only having five maps, but the complex movement system and vast and varied arsenal of weapons create a very high skill ceiling that will definitely keep players coming back for more. Progression and loot are disappointing overall, but mastering the locomotion mechanics provides a sense of accomplishment that few games can. Despite a substantial graphical downgrade and having only a handful of levels, Sairento's gameplay is enough to merit a few hours of fun.

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