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General Information

Available on:PCApr 4, 2019
Nintendo SwitchJun 20, 2019

Developers: Hitcents, Sebastian Nigro, Christopher Anselmo

Discover a world brimming with humor, interesting characters, and adventure. Interact with overly observant villagers and egotistical wizards. You'll find yourself in a role more significant than a knight could ever dream of! Any true hero can call upon trusty companions in their time of need. New strategies can be explored and singular pronouns laughed at when you bring along a friend! Play through the entire game alone or with a friend, the choice is yours. Play online with friends anywhere in the world using Parsec! Get ready for a tower defense game that takes an uncommon approach to player interaction. Slash goblins with your sword, roll through waves of enemies, and build towers as fast as you can. Collect coins from fallen foes, but be careful not to get hurt when maneuvering through the action! Use nine powerful towers to build a strong defense, each tower more unique than the last. Upgrade your character as you advance through the story with a plethora of game-enhancing abilities. Anything unlocked in your skill tree will also apply in co-op mode, so everybody benefits! Unique towers, exciting abilities, and planned future game modes ensures you'll be back for more. The whole experience is wrapped up in an unbelievable composition that contains everything from sweat inducing chiptunes to comedic ambience. We're aiming to push new updates when possible which will include new content, balance changes, and even player requested features. Care will be taken to keep save files intact! Most importantly, we will be deeply involved in the community and constantly listening to your feedback. Interact with us here on the Steam community hub!

Duke of Defense Critic Reviews

I like tower defense games. I especially like tower defense games with a player character that can be controlled — I like the sense of involvement. That, coupled with the fact that this game is local co-op for the Switch drew me right into Duke of Defense: a tower defense adventure game set in the medieval age that gives a hack-and-slash feel even though it is a tower defense at heart.

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If you're looking for a basic tower defense game to chill out with then Duke of Defense is certainly a capable albeit lackluster indie.

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Duke of Defense - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer - E3 Gameplay

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Duke of Defense - Gameplay Trailer [Nintendo Switch + Steam]

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