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Bugs Must Die

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 5, 2019

Developer: DG Games Workshop

Publisher: WhiteLakeStudio

Genre: Action

"Bugs Must Die" is a frantically-paced pixel art twin-stick shooter with 80s & 90s arcade style.As a spiritual successor to Konami’s top-down jeep gunning action title "Jackal",Bugs Must Die brings gamers the nostalgia of old school gaming experience. STORY MODE, CHALLENGE MODE, AND HELL MODE WILL BRING WELL OVER 10 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY. Story Mode: 16 levels with one boss per level, clearing all the levels will unlock all characters! Challenge Mode: 8 levels with one boss per level. In addition to the 16 bosses from Story Mode, you’ll encounter additional secret bosses randomly. To come across all available bosses, Challenge Mode is a must! Hell Mode: Start this mode only with one basic weapon. The more levels that you pass the greater the loot! GAMERS OF ANY LEVELS CAN PASS THE STORY MODE! Hardcore gamers: Try to beat the game using just the basic weapons-show off your superb skills. Average gamers: Never fear! Spend coins obtained from missions to update your vehicles and weapons to take down the bugs with ease. DIFFERENT CHARACTERS TO CHOOSE FROM! EQUIP THEM WITH VARIOUS WEAPONS TO SHOW OFF YOUR UNIQUE FIGHTING STYLE! 2 Mantis Agents that have completely different fixed weapon systems and rolling dodge mechanisms. 3 powerful vehicles: Equip up to 6 main weapons and 9 sub-weapons, but that’s not all! Equip a “Battle Core” which deploys when your vehicle is destroyed to keep the fight going! 4 major categories of equipment with more than 35 options. Did we mention the superweapon !? It launches a full-screen attack! BOOOOOOM!!! ALL BOSSES ARE PARODIES OF EAST-WEST CLASSIC CULTURE ICONS!

Bugs Must Die Critic Reviews

Its not the best game in the genre I’ve ever played, but it does enough right to get a recommendation from me if you are in the market for a challenging new twin stick shooter. Luckily, the game has a free demo on its Steam page, so go give it a try.

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Bugs Must Die Comes to Steam on April 5 2019(trailer revised) thumbnail

Bugs Must Die Comes to Steam on April 5 2019(trailer revised)

Bugs Must Die  - New Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Bugs Must Die - New Gameplay Trailer

Bugs Must Die New Trailer Jun 28 2018 thumbnail

Bugs Must Die New Trailer Jun 28 2018


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