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Wreckin' Ball Adventure

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Game Information

Available on:PCAug 2, 2019
Nintendo SwitchAug 2, 2019

Developers: No Gravity Games, Don't Bite Devs

Genres: Puzzle, Adventure

60 Story levels

Endless Escape mode - challenge your friends to see who can last the longest

Playground mode where you can practice your skills

Play solo or in local co-op for up to 4 players

Satisfying graphics: clean 2.5D lab design

Wreckin' Ball Adventure is a family-friendly platformer for up to 4 players, with ball-shaped robots and physics-based puzzles.

Save the little K160 robot from the evil SuperCom and escape from the mysterious lab.
Wreckin' Ball Adventure is excellent to play solo or in couch co-op mode.
Discover how to interact with your fellow robot escapees', helping one another.
Roll, jump and swing using your handy-dandy grappling hook to reach new heights!
Gather the orbs and collect the stars to unlock the next levels.
Wreck through the walls, avoid the hazards to reach your goal - breaking out of the gaol.

Discover a story layer hidden under the action surface - find out why SuperCom wants to destroy a sweet round robot.
Wreckin' Ball Adveture - Live Stream with Devs! thumbnail

Wreckin' Ball Adveture - Live Stream with Devs!

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Wreckin' Ball Adventure - Official Trailer

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70 / 100

Wreckin’ Ball Adventure is a decent platformer that combines some existing gameplay elements and tries to do something relatively unique.

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7 / 10.0

Don't Bite Devs' platformer Wreckin' Ball Adventure is a unique physics platformer where you, a robotic, bouncing ball, must escape from a high-tech facility. The game features 60 levels, a playground mode, and an endless mode for up to four simultaneous players. Although the premise is derivative and the level design sometimes uninspired, Wreckin' Ball Adventure is, in fact, a fun and very bouncy adventure.

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