Light Fairytale - Episode 1

May 13, 2019 - PC
6 / 10
2.5 / 5
Cat with Monocle
4 / 5
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Light Fairytale - Episode 1 Trailers

[JRPG] Light Fairytale Episode 1 Launch Trailer thumbnail

[JRPG] Light Fairytale Episode 1 Launch Trailer

[JRPG] Light Fairytale - Dungeon Gameplay thumbnail

[JRPG] Light Fairytale - Dungeon Gameplay

[JRPG] Light Fairytale - KickStarter Trailer thumbnail

[JRPG] Light Fairytale - KickStarter Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Light Fairytale - Episode 1


Unknown Author
6 / 10

Light Fairytale - Episode One is a nice project about jRPG-nostalgia with recognizable mechanics and characters, which lacks dynamics, mechanics and subject diversity. There is clearly not enough variety of weapons, techniques and more interesting RPG-system. Perhaps the second episode will be much better...

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While this Episode 1 shows promise of something perhaps worthwhile in the future, at this point it’s nothing more than a paid prologue.

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Light Fairytale Episode 1 is fun, but it feels more like a tease. This JRPG inspired title has what it takes to become a great game, but it needs more content to prove it. Those who enjoyed classic JRPGs from the ‘90s will want to visit this world. Turn your blade on and prepare for a quick battle.

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