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Million to One Hero

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 23, 2019

Developer: Over the Top Games

Genre: Adventure

“BECOMING A TRULY GREAT HERO DEPENDS ON ONLY TWO THINGS: YOURSELF AND THE REST OF THE WORLD.” THE HEROUM CODE, ART. 0.1 Embark on an epic adventure where using your heroic abilities to advance through the levels is only half the fun. You can also design new stages with a degree of detail you’ve never seen before and create your own platformer. Sharpen your sword. Sharpen your intellect. Give yourself a fighting chance at becoming a Million to One Hero. BECOME A TRULY GREAT HERO Travel through the memories of Chronos, the god of time, and discover the story of Epicus, an aspiring hero who dreams of becoming the greatest legend the world has ever seen. Or at the very least, getting a statue in his village’s main square. Dive into a fantastic adventure full of traps, puzzles, mystical artifacts, and mythological creatures. An adventure with hundreds of possible paths today and even more tomorrow: each day, you’ll find new memories to explore and fresh challenges to overcome. Run, jump, compete, discover, fight, risk it all… and if you die, don’t worry. With a bit of luck, Chronos will give you another chance. BECOME A WICKED MASTERMIND Being a glorious hero is great, but making the hero’s life difficult is even more fun. Everything - absolutely everything - you see is available for you to use in an editor with an infinite amount of ways to craft the craziest situations. Or the most surprising. Or the deadliest. But don’t limit yourself to creating levels. This editor lets you go even further. Thanks to its campaign mode and narrative options, you’ll be able to include dialogues, design quests, and create entire chapters with your own plot. Imagine your very own 2D platform adventure and make it a reality as you fuel the legend of Epicus. BECOME PART OF THE STORY Compete against other heroes, master all the possible challenges, create an epic storyline other players will love, design the most devious level of all… there are dozens of ways to have your name carved into the history of the game. Calling all new recruits! Join us on social media (Twitter, Discord) and tell us what inspires you: new ideas, better traps, surprising scenarios, unimaginable enemies… well, someone’s got to imagine them. Why not you? “A TRULY GREAT HERO KNOWS THAT ONE SMALL ACTION TODAY CAN HAVE INCREDIBLE CONSEQUENCES TOMORROW. WITH ANY LUCK, THEY’LL BE GOOD CONSEQUENCES.” THE HEROUM CODE, ART. 2.2

Million to One Hero Critic Reviews

Million to One Hero is a well-polished game in the "custom level creation" genre (is that a genre…well it is now).  The controls are fluid and you'll have to employ a lot of skill to finish some of the creations players can come up with.  The level creation itself is pretty robust, though it would have been nice if some of the icons were a little bigger on the screen, and combining levels into a mini-adventure is a nice touch.  If you're a fan of 2D platforming and level creation, you'll find a lot to do in Million to One Hero for a satisfying price.

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Million to One Hero is a terribly fun and challenging game, but without reaching the point of frustration. The level editor is the real spice of the game and what the whole playable core revolves around. If you like to create and share, this is your game.

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