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Eredia: The Diary of Heroes

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 13, 2018

Developer: Potatobrain Games

Genres: Adventure, RPG

Features: - A vast RPG set in an open world with over 60 hours of gameplay and over 700 maps to explore. - More than 100 unique contracts to complete. Being a hunter, the player must be versatile enough to adapt to the task at hand. This involves taking on a variety of contracts, each different from the other, including stealth missions, puzzles, exorcisms, mystery solving (being a detective), assassinations, and more. - A rich, complex and unpredictable story that will leave you thinking at every step of the way. - CTB Battle System with unique trait, combo and finisher mechanisms. - A dynamic time system with events such as festivals and tournaments on specified dates. - Join upto four guilds throughout the continent, each having its own unique rules, promotion system and perks. - Hidden karma system keeps track of your every action and how you perform them. - With over 300 different types of enemies, 350+ Skills, 400+ Weapons and Armor, the possibilities are endless! - Upgrade your house, adopt a pet or two, lose it all or win big at a casino.

Eredia: The Diary of Heroes Reviews

Eredia is another RPG Maker game that falls far short in rising above mediocrity.

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