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Super Kirby Clash

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchSep 5, 2019

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: Nintendo

Head into battle with Kirby! Go on quests and fight powerful bosses in Super Kirby Clash, an exciting action-packed free-to-start adventure, available to download from Nintendo eShop only on Nintendo Switch! Take on all your favourite bosses from the Kirby series. Play solo or with up to three friends via local multiplayer, local wireless play*** or online multiplayer****, and save the Dream Kingdom! TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK Build your own Team Kirby, choosing any combination of the four unique roles. Each role’s weapons and abilities are different, so mix and match to suit each quest and ensure victory! ONE TEAM, TWO MODES Tackle Story Quest solo or with friends on a single Nintendo Switch and try to save the Dream Kingdom, or dive into Party Quest via local multiplayer, local wireless play*** or online multiplayer**** and discover a whole new bevy of bosses to battle with! THE TASTE OF VICTORY Win battles and you’ll earn not only experience points that can enhance your heroes, but also precious fragments of four different varieties – Fire, Water, Light and Rare. Trade these in at the Shoppe to get new weapons and armour that could tip the outcome of future fights in your favour! SO MANY MEDALS! You can complete a quest by just defeating a boss, but each also has bonus objectives to tackle. Think you win without taking a hit, with a team of only Beam Mages or in a super-fast time? With eight medals to earn per quest, completing bonus objectives can net you plenty of rewards! AN APPLE A DAY (OR MORE!) As precious as they are shiny, Gem Apples come in incredibly useful on your adventure. You can use them to unlock new quests, or combine them with fragments in the Shoppe to unlock powerful new equipment. Grab free Gem Apples and other goodies by checking out the Passwords section! AMIIBO Tap in amiibo (sold separately) and you’ll earn fragments that can be used in the Shoppe! Any compatible amiibo will yield rewards, but amiibo from the Kirby series will give you bonus fragments. Discover more games from the Kirby series at our Kirby Hub!

Super Kirby Clash Critic Reviews

As a standalone game, Super Kirby Clash holds up well to the Kirby series standard with its impressively diverse boss roster, straightforward RPG-lite mechanics, and deep potential for replayability. Though the online multiplayer is an unstable and unreliable mess, this hardly stands as a reason for you to not at least download the game and give it a shot.

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Super Kirby Clash is a fun game that makes fighting somewhat adorable. The battles with AI and local friends and fast and fun, although a little on the repetitive side. Online battles are too slow to be truly enjoyable but overall this is a free game that provides entertainment in short bursts as you level up your Kirby.

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