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General Information

Available on:PCApr 28, 2017
Nintendo SwitchOct 18, 2019
PlayStation VitaOct 15, 2019
PlayStation 4Oct 15, 2019
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Stranga

Publishers: GrabTheGames, Ratalaika Games

Genre: Adventure

Just Ignore Them is a point and click adventure horror that is mainly story driven. It contains an alterable story line which the player can control with critical choices. However, the main plot does not change (This is due to a possible sequel). The game is roughly a few hours long (For first time players), but this also depends on some of the choice you make during the game. It's your job to discover the mystery of the invading monsters. One night can feel like a lifetime of pain, suffering and horror to a child... The story starts of a Little boy at the age of 8 who is tormented by monsters that live in his house. He lives with his mother which works from home so she can look after him. You will be taking a glimpse into the future which can be altered by the choices you make, which will alter the game's ending. The story is to resemble some what of a movie script rather than a game.

Just Ignore Them Critic Reviews

Just Ignore Them has a certain charm, that's undeniable - with its extremely simple looks but able to create a tense environment at key moments, this short game has its value when it comes to its aesthetics. It doesn't stand out from other horror games when it comes to a lack of practical instructions able to give it an intuitive sense of exploration, though, and its very short lifespan means that those who will find it fun will quickly run out of enjoyment. Still, all in all, Just Ignore Them could have done worse for a low-budget work.

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Overall, there are things I like about Just Ignore Them and things I don’t like. Once I knew how to play, it was much more enjoyable. I feel like a lot of players will give up after 20 or 30 minutes though.

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