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Guild of Dungeoneering is ranked in the 60th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
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Nick H.
Top Critic
Oct 20, 2015

The biggest issue with Guild of Dungeoneering is that the gameplay never really evolves. Your deck of cards does grow and you'll get new and better cards, but the overall experience in hour two really is not all that different from hour ten. The offering begins to feel light as nothing new comes to the table, almost giving the impression it should be or would be better served as a mobile game. The throwaway nature of the characters gives you very little to be invested in and by the end of the game I realised that I was more going through the motions than looking forward to what came next. At first Guild of Dungeoneering looked like a treasure chest to be plundered, but as I spent more time with the game, I came to the conclusion it was more akin to a Mimic and perhaps not worth the effort.

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Jan 4, 2016

Overall, I was very pleased with Guild of Dungeoneering. It was one of those addictive yet simple games that keeps me coming back for more. It was a great game to play in my free time, and one that I found myself spending more and more time than I intended with. Play sessions could range from a half hour to several hours straight, which is a testament to how fun it all was. Though the difficulty of the game was oftentimes frustrating, nothing in it was so tough that I couldn’t get through it with a bit (or a lot) of trial and error. Furthermore, the game ramps up gradually, so by the time it gets harder, you’re better equipped to deal with it. If this game taught me anything, it’s that I really should have spent more time playing tabletop games in my childhood. Guild of Dungeoneering was approachable to a noob like me and quickly drew me in. I recommend it for any fan of simple yet challenging games, and feel it’s more than reasonable for $14.99, or $22.99 for the deluxe edition. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

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3.5 / 5.0
Aug 24, 2015

The game lacks long-term progress and depth, however, through its simple aesthetics, whimsical music, and interesting gameplay, the game manages to offer a unique and inspired twist to the dungeon-crawler genre.

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