Sky Cannoneer

Element Games, LCC, Element Games, LCC

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Sky Cannoneer

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 20, 2020

Developer: Element Games, LCC

Publisher: Element Games, LCC

Genres: Strategy, Action

An arcade classic reimagined -- build up your fortifications, place your cannons, and fire at the enemy forces! Improve your Battle Haven with powerful upgrades, including new types of Forts, Technologies, Superpowers, and Summons.

Sky Cannoneer Reviews

Some of the varied objectives and boss fights did a good job of breaking up the repetition but fighting the repeated bosses was a drag. Sky Cannoneer isn’t an expensive game, but it is a short one. At the same time if it lasted any longer it would have overstayed its welcome as mindless action is only entertaining for so long.

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